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Friday, October 22 at Oakley Court.

Join 250 mission-driven women IRL in the beautiful Berkshire countryside for a full-day un-conference where you will join and contribute to round table discussions on the key issues facing women today. 

Across a selection of rooms, suites and dinner tables you’ll connect, debate and occasionally disagree with your new peer group while expanding your thinking on what you want your future to look like and how you can take direct action to make it real.

Select the topics that are meaningful to you and curate your own custom schedule. Our Founder, Sharmadean Reid MBE, will open the day with a welcome talk and then we will kick off the sessions. 

We’ll provide lunch, dinner and wine, you bring your knowledge, open mind and abundant thinking. 

Currently sold out – join the waitlist today!


Your ticket gives you access to three IRL panels throughout the day: Access to Capital, Access to Boards and Access to Company Culture. These three panels will also be available for all members to watch on-demand in your video library after the event.

Panel Talk

Access To Capital: Getting Funded 

Sharmadean Reid MBE & Anu Adebajo

Fundraising for women owned businesses is still abysmally low and for women of colour the statistics are more damning. Men raised $195 billion last year whereas female-only founded companies raised just $6 billion - how do we combat this business inequity? How can we open up more opportunities for capital to women in business? Do changes need to be made at VC level? Can pitch coaching help?

If you're attending IRL, you’ll then get to choose three extra events to curate your own custom schedule for the day. These discussions, workshops, lectures and Q&As will be happening in rooms and suites around the hotel at three different time slots. Curate your own timetable by choosing one session per time slot from the following…

Panel Talk 

Access To Boards: Hiring Your A-Team

Vanessa Kingori MBE, Sarah Drinkwater,

Hazel Mulhare & Sharmadean Reid

There are still more men called David alone than women at the helm of the FTSE 100. Board representation is the first step to change. There are currently 34.3% women on boards in the UK, but that is still not enough and their positions are statistically more fragile than their male counterparts. How do we get women into the boardroom and how do we solidify their position? 


Panel Talk 

Access To Company Culture:

Ensuring Inclusivity In Partnership With Veuve Clicquot

Emma Ilori, Janine Leccia, Pip Jamieson, Agnes  Mwakatuma & Sharmadean Reid

Workplace diversity has been cited by 69% of executives as their most critical issue. Yet, Over 90% of CEOs are white men - how do we create a top down culture of diversity in the workplace? Creating a diverse workforce increases a company's revenue by 20%. How do we ensure diversity is at the core of business and companies moving forward?






Access To Tech: Propelling Women With

The AI Boom

Tabitha Goldstaub

There is a clear and consistent absence of women employed in the AI sector, over three-quarters of professionals employed in this sector are male (78%). AI is the world's biggest business opportunity of the next three decades and it is paramount we magnify the women working in this sector and ensure more women take senior positions. We must create spaces for women to learn and share their learnings of Artificial Intelligence. 


Access To Rights:

Policies & The Justice Process

Abimbola Wingate-Saul

All women have the right to accurate and accessible advice about the law and their legal rights to enable them to make safe and informed choices for themselves and their families. How do we make sure women know their rights with policies and the justice process to best serve their interests and needs?  


Access To Self: Identifying Your Needs

Poppy Jamie 

Providing women with the tools to know themselves in order to take care of physical and mental wellbeing is paramount. What does it mean to be your truest self? Is the self a social construct? How do we tap into this to allow women to discover what they actually want and how they actually feel?  


Access To Healthcare: Medical Misogyny

Michelle Kennedy

Medical misogyny is killing women. Chronic pains, inefficient birthing plans, and womb health is regularly ignored, misdiagnosed or disregarded; the implications upon women's lives are devastating. It is time to educate the healthcare system and to arm women with new language that does not allow their suffering to go unnoticed. 


Access To Arts: Cultivating The Female Gaze

Emily Steer & Grace Williams

There are only 2 works of art by women to ever have broken into the top 100 auction sales in art history, despite the fact over half of the top 25 best selling pieces feature women as the subject matter. Alongside the National Gallery exhibiting over 2280 works of which only 21 are made by women. How do we elevate and celebrate women artists and cultivate the spaces for which their work can be seen? 



Access To Social Housing:

A Gendered Perspective

Vicky Spratt

Housing and homelessness within our society is in desperate need of explicit understating from a gendered perspective. Women's experiences of housing, inclusive of their pathways in and out of homelessness are very different to mens. We must elevate conversation around the difficulties women and children face when it comes to adequate access to housing and the ramifications of societal structures upon women and their children. 


Access To Property: How To Build Equity

Bianca Rangecroft, Linda Imadojemun,
Dawn Duhaney

Women are the lead applicants in just 31% of property purchases and single women are often overlooked by mortgage brokers. How can we provide more support for women owning their own property — a key step to building wealth and equity? 


Access To Literature: Getting Published

Studies show that publishing and literature is still awash with blatant gender bias, with women writers only leading in the Romance Novel genre. How do we tackle the assumptions of women’s literary output and celebrate the work of women writers across the board? This issue is systemic within our society with over 400,000 children recorded as not owning any books. How can we support children's access to literature and elevate the authorial voice of women? 


Access To Investing: Saving For Your Future

Rhea Cartwright & Juno

Countless women say their family wealth managers speak to their male partner as a default procedure, resulting in disengagement in the global markets despite the fact that women are set to make up 53% of UK millionaires by 2025. Are retail trading platforms the democratic answer? What are the first steps to investing as a woman and how do we best map this out?


Access To The City: Building A Safer Future

For Women

Francisca Rockey

The oppressive nature of inequality in urban planning and design means that children from lower income families have fewer places to play, access to green space or places for recreational activity teamed with being the worst affected by air pollution. As well, as women, in urban areas, not feeling safe. What are the ways that we can ensure women have a say in the ways our cities are built and how they operate?




Access To Politics:

Ensuring True Representation

Dolly Theis

Policies that directly affect women's lives on a day-to-day basis are made by and voted on by a collective political representatives that are 72% male. How do we challenge the rhetoric of male monopoly of governmental bodies and project the voices of women? Overcoming these historic structural barriers calls for a comprehensive strategy to support women candidates and one of the most powerful tools in the fight is capital. 


Access To Autonomy:

Maintaining Independence

Alice Finch

From fertility and contraceptive use around the world being associated with socioeconomic status to the need for flexible working requirements that allow women to work around childcare, women's access to their autonomy has been systematically dictated by men. We must ensure to at all times advocate for women's choice and magnify what women need and want through our conversations.


Access To Law: Finding Your Legal Support

Olivia Simpson

The legal profession is one of the UK’s most important exports estimated at £28 billion, but like many financial and professional service sectors it remains one of the most male-dominated industries in the world. Only a fifth of senior lawyers - or partners - are females. How do we increase female visibility in senior positions in the UK? And how can we open up more opportunities for women in legal professions?


Access To Childcare: The First Three Years

Winnie, Jasmin Thomas, Rebekah Clark &

Yulia at Re:Mind Studio

A survey of more than 2,000 parents carried out by the alliance found that 49 per cent said that the government didn’t do enough to support parents to access the childcare they need during the pandemic. A third (34 per cent) said that difficulties accessing childcare since the easing of lockdown has had a negative impact on their work life, rising to nearly half (48 per cent) of parents living in the most deprived local authority areas.



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